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Nursing Law Blog

The Big Importance of Understanding Nursing Law

It is very important for nurses to be aware on the legal aspects that are part of the helping and caring procedures for people in the health industry. But, the more and more negligence cases there are, the less people would want to get into healthcare because they fear the legal aspects and the inevitable lawsuits. The very first nursing law was created for nursing registration back in the year 1903 and it evolved and expanded through the years in order to create a book that has to be studied today by any aspiring nurse.


The Tort Law is considered as the legal aspect of law which most nurses will be familiar with. This would be the law which involves malpractice and negligence cases that a lot of nurses needs to take time in order to learn it because this is the biggest fears in the medical industry. A Tort is a wrongful act that will produce harm whether this is done intentionally or unintentionally. Malpractice would be a certain type of Tort to where the standards of care are not being met. This also is one of the most common and familiar laws to nurses and that this is also something which both nurses and doctors should be familiar with so they may be able to continue their care safely and efficiently.


For barristers nurses to be protected from malpractice suits, they need to take as many precautions especially for their daily shifts. Reporting, recording and documenting their daily routines and decisions is one of the best ways in making sure that they are on track with their patient.


Nurses also learn in school that proper care for their patient will not only help in making the right decisions but also in organizing and in maintaining their medical records and reports in an efficient manner. Nurses that are not able to provide the written proof of their decisions and with why that decision was obtained will charge nurses with negligence and the risks are seen in front of court.


Legal aspects of nursing are being taught and are expected to be maintained all throughout their career. The employment as a nurse will not only need them a nursing degree, but also knowledge on the medical laws to which will apply to them in case there's a misunderstanding or challenge by the patient.  Watch for more info about nursing.


Nursing jobs are truly something that a lot of people wish to get but the absence of legal knowledge behind them will place them at a risky state because hospitals will not hire them, especially when legal issues are now becoming a lot more problematic.